Ask Mark Zuckerberg Anything During His First Public “Community Q&A” On Facebook Nov 6

Most people have a burning question to ask about Facebook, whether they’re one of its 1.35 billion users or not. So taking a cue from Reddit’s Ask Me Anything sessions, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg is upping the transparency and will play customer support himself on November 6th when he does Facebook’s first “Community Q&A”.

The hour-long livestreamed session will answer the public’s questions submitted to the “Q&A With Mark” Facebook Page. Zuck says the Q&A is themed after a Facebook tradition where “every Friday we have a Q&A and all employees can come and ask me questions about anything they want.”


People can submit their queries in the comments on Zuck’s post, or Like ones to vote for the questions they want answered. Some top ones so far include:

  • Joshua Murphy – How will Artificial Intelligence or AI play into the future of social networks and infrastructure, like our roads and even health delivery systems? Both developing and developed economies.
  • Calum James – What’s your favourite feature Facebook developed but didn’t release?
  • HaLe MeRon – Why you forced us to install Facebook messenger ?
  • Abdulla Sadeque – How many instagrams are in a kilogram?

As you can see, they range from serious questions about Facebook’s investments to Zuckerberg’s personal opinions, but also include common gripes about Facebook’s product and silly jokes. We’ll have to wait until 2pm PST on November 6th to see just how freewheeling the Q&A gets.

The Q&A illuminates an interesting question of how responsible to the public are CEOs of companies with massive user/customer bases. The SEC makes public companies face questions from investors. But if Zuckerberg wants Facebook to be a utility, does he owe everyone an opportunity to raise questions and concerns?

Facebook Bored Teens

Here’s what I’d like to know. A year ago Facebook’s CFO mentioned on its earnings call that Facebook had seen slight drop in engagement amongst young US teens. Facebook’s share price immediately took a huge hit. Since then, Facebook has refused to discuss teen engagement. Meanwhile, surveys have said US teens are rapidly abandoning Facebook.

So, my question is “Has there been a reduction in young US teen engagement with Facebook over the last year? What’s your response to surveys that say there has been?” Feel free to vote for this so we can get an answer.