Ezra’s Craft Liquor Marketplace Helps You Understand All The Subtle Notes Of Your Drink

At some point in most everyone’s life, alcohol consumption goes from a sport wherein players try to get pounded in the most efficient way possible to an activity all in itself, where people actually enjoy the taste, the flavors, and the experience of drinking a fine liqueur.

But going from ordering a “Jack and Coke” or tequila shots to buying top-shelf spirits can be a difficult leap to make.

That’s where Ezra’s comes in. It’s a curated marketplace for craft distilleries to sell their vodka, gin, tequila, rum, or whiskey, with complete and educational information about what to expect out of every bottle. Users can browse based on what’s popular, search for particular liquors or brands, shop by what’s new, or look at Ezra’s curated picks.

But Ezra’s goes beyond a simple marketplace, offering distillers the chance to post videos, recipes, and tips to connect directly with their customers. Usually, craft distillers work directly with wholesale buyers and liquor stores, never really connecting with the folks who are buying their product. Plus, Ezra’s truly opens up distribution for most craft distillers who, based on regulations in most states, are only allowed to sell online in states where they are sold by retailers.

With Ezra’s every distiller can sell to up to 40 different states.

With today’s launch, Ezra’s is opening up shop with a portfolio of over 125 different liquors, along with ingredients needed to make the original recipes found on the site.

The best part of Ezra’s is that it takes education around the products seriously. You could visit Ezra’s without a cent to your name and walk away more confident for your next trip to the bar.

Additionally, Ezra’s is launching a brick-and-mortar flagship store today in Chicago.

The whole thing is funded and conceived by twins Adam and Parker Newman and their childhood friend Scott Reich. The Newmans come from a private equity background, and have put up their own money to get Ezra’s up and running.

If you want to check out Ezra’s for yourself, click here.