Joker Lets You Instantly Stream Perfectly Legal And Legitimate Torrent Files

Let’s say there’s a torrent online you would like to view. After all, torrents themselves are perfectly legal. Instead of downloading the torrent, paste the link to the torrent in and watch the content instantly. Watch out, Popcorn Time. The Joker is here.

Using to watch a torrent is stupid easy. Grab a Torrent magnet link — the more seeds the better — and paste it into the text input box on the home page of From there, the service seems to cache the content, and depending on the amount of seeds, it starts playing after an ad.

Streaming is not a newly discovered torrent function. Programs and services have offered the functionality for years, yet’s implementation is clean and elegant. And that’s why it probably won’t last long.

Legitimate torrents or not, Joker will clearly be used for pirated content and the site is trying to make money. Ads play prior to the video plays back. With ads, likely come a paper trail and the MPAA has successfully taken down sites with much less information to go on.

TorrentFreak points out that the site appears to cache the torrents, too, which requires servers and bandwidth. This is most likely to improve playback. However, the cached content could be grounds for a takedown notice since it will no doubt include pirated content.

Enjoy Joker while it lasts and use it at your own risk. It’s a magical experience — that is, when used for perfectly legal and legitimate torrent files.