Why Is Kim Kardashian At A Tech Conference?!

Because she is co-creator of one of the most popular apps of 2014. Because she is poised to make $200 million in cold hard cash from a mobile app this year. Because at $700K a day in earnings just from the app, she is still more successful than most startup founders, at least from a revenue standpoint.

Yesterday, Kim Kardashian was interviewed onstage at the Re/Code conference, and aside from professing her love for BlackBerry, she did not reveal much about her game “Kim Kardashian Hollywood,” which is why we want to hear from her. We covered her talk, because we’ve covered the game in the past. And the portal to hell opened up in our comments section.

Like most commenting systems, Facebook comments suck: Either you get zero comments on a story because no startup employee wants to put their real name on articles about competitors, etc., or if a post does blow up you get this poetry from Jack Carmody, “Correctional Officer at California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation” and “Top Commenter”…

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 10.13.18 AM

“When all her lady charms are gone”!

Kardashian is not at Re/Code because of her lady charms — whatever those are. She is there because Kara Swisher thought she was inspiring enough as a mobile growth story to put onstage. No one is inviting Mariah Carey or the scads of celebrities whose apps are languishing to their tech conferences. In a world where Path and Foursquare struggle to get traction in the US, Kim Kardashian and GLU mobile have truly pulled off a feat getting eyeballs and users and money. To be honest, we wanted her at our conference (and that invite is still open).

The world is cruel and unforgiving. If you can succeed in it with whatever you’ve got, well then more power to you.

The same people who don’t want Kim Kardashian onstage at a tech conference are the same people who don’t want me onstage at a tech conference. (And, terrifyingly enough, work in California’s prison system.) So, Kim, we can either a) go back to school to get our CS degrees or b) hold fast now that we’re already here, hoping that, just maybe, our love and deep curiosity for tech will one day be enough to justify our seat.

*Portal to hell opens*