Google Fit App Now Available For Android Devices

Google has released its Fit app, which acts as a central storehouse for activity recorded via your Android device, and via apps that use the Google Fit SDK introduced at the I/O developer conference back in June. The dedicated Android app is pretty spare, but it provides a way for users to see an overview of their collected health and fitness data in one central location.

The Google Fit app doesn’t present me with much as of right now, but it uses your device’s sensors to tracking walking and other activity, and you can manually enter information about workouts not tracked, or your height and weight. Heart rate info from compatible devices, including Android Wear smartwatches, are also fed to the app. In short, it’s a competitor to Apple’s Health application, but with a very different approach to UI that appears to want to aim for simplicity above all else.

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Google Fit also has a web-based destination at which doesn’t appear to be live just yet, and it’s likely we’ll see more¬†features introduced to the app as developers begin to explore and work with the platform. This is also another reminder that Android 5.0 Lollipop’s release is just around the corner, with the first consumer devices sporting the OS coming next week.