Apple Closes At New All-Time High Of $106.74

Slight amendment: Apple closed today at an all-time split-adjusted high. The company traded for a higher per-share price before its split, but today marks Apple’s highest close since its 7:1 share exchange.

The company traded in the low 90s following the split, putting its current value up more than 10 percent since the division. Apple ended today worth $618.97 billion, according to Google Finance, and $626.15 billion, according to Yahoo Finance. Use whatever share count you’d like for your own calculation.

The company’s split was widely thought to be a move calculated to allow for its inclusion into the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which, due to how it weighs different inputs, would have been distorted by Apple’s formerly high — in raw dollar terms — share price. Apple also noted that a lower per-share price would widen the number of people who could buy its shares, saying that it wanted its equity to be “accessible to a larger number of investors.”

CEO Tim Cook recently spoke at a technology conference, noting that Apple’s new Pay product was seeing quick adoption, which might have helped bolster its shares today.

Apple is the most valuable company in the world, followed by Exxon Mobil, Microsoft and Google.

Here’s the chart, via Google Finance:

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 1.26.45 PM

Apple recently reported strong quarterly earnings, including more than $42 billion in revenue. In the period, Apple sold 39.3 million iPhones, 12.3 million iPads and 5.5 million Macs.