Microsoft Prices Xbox One Below PS4 For The First Time

Starting November 2nd, the Xbox One’s starting price will be $350. That’s $50 off the current level. Thanks, PlayStation!

The $50 discount is seemingly applicable to all the system-plus-game bundles. The Kinect-free Assassin’s Creed or Sunset Overdrive bundle will cost $350, with the Call of Duty: Advance Warfare running $450.

Microsoft says the lower prices will be available until January 3rd, but chances are, if enough units are sold, the price will remain in place throughout 2015.

Since its launch, the Xbox One has played second fiddle to the PlayStation 4 which has outsold Microsoft’s option since its launch. Microsoft clearly needed to better position its gaming system to have a chance against Sony this holiday season.

This price cut puts the Xbox One MSRP under the PlayStation 4’s for the first time. The Xbox One launched at $499 where the Playstation 4 hit stores at $399. Later, Microsoft offered a bundle sans a Kinect controller for $399, matching the PlayStation 4’s price. But now, with the lower prices for these gaming bundles, Microsoft is finally positioning the Xbox One as the best value this holiday season.

Your move, Sony.