With 40 Million Downloads, betaworks-Backed Dots Gets A Refreshed Logo

Dots, the betaworks-backed gaming studio led by Paul Murphy and Patrick Moberg, has today announced a rebranding for the company. The new logo takes inspiration from Charles Eames, according to a Medium post, and uses colors from the first iteration of Dots while incorporating the newer, and more popular, TwoDots game into the company logo.

We decided it was time to differentiate our company from our games. We believe Dots is more than our first game, and wanted to create a brand that reflects that. Our designer Jak Horner created an identity that we feel perfectly captures our mission, and today we’re rebranding our studio accordingly.

The company also announced that it has passed 40 million downloads across both of its games since launching 18 months ago.

Dots comes out of a particular batch of betaworks projects that included Poncho and Giphy, among others, and started as a simple timed puzzle game. Connect the dots. When you get a square, you eliminate that entire color, and the dots drop down. It was elegant and addictive in its simplicity.

Since then, Dots has gone on to create skins for the game, different modes (like Moves, Endless, and Challenges with friends), and even an iPad version of the app. And beyond that, the studio launched TwoDots, which saw more downloads in the first month than Dots saw in the first year and was number one in the App Store in over 70 countries.


TwoDots currently has more downloads than the original Dots, which Murphy credits to “recency.”

“People say they like buying things in our game,” Murphy told TechCrunch. “That’s really important to us, that they feel like they’re getting value for what they’re purchasing, which is obviously quite hard to do for an in-game purchase.”

Murphy also told TechCrunch that TwoDots is coming to Android “soon.”

You can check out the full blog post here and check out the company’s new website here.