Uber Partners With Vaccine Finder To Bring A Free Flu Shot To You

The flu is more deadly than ebola and yet a simple vaccine could save your life. In that breath, Uber has partnered with Vaccine Finder to deliver a registered nurse and a vaccine kit for up to 10 people — of course on demand. Best of all the service is free, but the service is limited to just Boston, New York and DC from 10 am until 3 pm EST today, October 23, 2014.

This is part of the pilot launch of Uber’s so-called UberHealth program. The flu shot service can be requested from within the Uber app. Uber warns with this particular service the demand could be particularly high.

Uber has long tried using its on-demand model for various other services than just requesting a car service. From requesting ice cream trucks to delivering a special Valentine’s Day, Uber is not afraid to roll out different programs to see which ones stick with consumers.

Only one kit with shots for ten people will be provided per request.