Jostle Raises $2M For Its Intranet Platform

If you have ever worked for a large corporation, then you have probably seen how outdated some of the intranet platforms on the market today are. the Vancouver-based startup Jostle wants to put a fresh face on intranet software. The service aims to make it easier for companies to publish news stories and announcements, host online discussions and share other relevant information like team directories. The highly visual service also features a Yammer-like chat tool.

jostle-intranet-softwareThe company today announced that it has raised an additional $2 million from a group of undisclosed angel investors. With this new funding, Jostle wants to accelerate customer acquisition and continue product development. Today’s round brings Jostle’s funding to a total of $6.6 million — all raised from private individuals.

The company says its revenue grew 35% in the last quarter, compared to 29% in the prior three months. Customers are renewing at a rate of 94%, so it looks like Jostle is definitely doing something right. One statistic the company especially likes to cite is that its platform achieves employee participation rates of over 85%, which is significantly higher than other intranet or enterprise social platform services (though it’s admittedly hard to verify this number and may just be a function of the kind of companies that are currently on the service.) It’s worth noting that Jostle will coach companies to achieve higher engagement rates.

Jostle integrates with the likes of Active Directory and other directory services to make onboarding easy. It also supports most popular single sign-on solutions and offers Google Apps integration, too, with support for Google Docs, Gmail, Google Contacts and Drive.

Pricing for Jostle accounts starts at $6 per employee per month for small companies with up to 100 employees, with price drops available for larger businesses.