Jonny IV Wants To Be Nasty Gal For Men

Today marks the launch of yet another ecommerce brand focused on men’s apparel, as Jonny IV joins ranks with Buck Mason, Frank & Oak, and many others.

Founded by Eugene Kang, the former head of ecommerce at Forever 21, Jonny IV is different from other brands in that it focuses on street wear as opposed to a single look, like the preppy Frank & Oak, basics-focused Everlane, or the always minimalist Buck Mason brand.

Everything from Jonny IV is sold exclusively on the website, with the portfolio getting a refresh every week so that users never run out of new looks. It’s a full-stack company, with Jonny IV selling clothes from their own private label. The goal is to keep fashion-forward clothing for men at an accessible price point, according to the founders.

In fact, Jonny IV promises a stylish outfit for no more than $50.

“The greatest challenge is continuing to bring the latest fashion at an accessible price point, paying attention to users in a way that other people just aren’t doing,” said Kang. “As a startup we’re facing challenges with scaling and delivering to a mass audience, but on the other hand we have better access to our users and have a stronger finger on the pulse of trends, and as a startup, we’re able to rotate our collections accordingly.”

Jonny IV has been in beta for the past four months, with month-by-month growth around 170 percent.

The company has not disclosed funding, but expects to hit $1 million in revenue by the end of the year.

It’s interesting to see the ecommerce space get excited about men. For years, brands like Nasty Gal and Net a Porter have been focusing on women. However, men are potentially more likely to prefer buying clothes online from a trusted brand that can help them with decision making. Jonny IV, along with its competitors, is looking to get in on the trend early on.

To learn more about Jonny IV, hit up the website here.