Galvanize Announces GalvanizeU, A Year-Long Bootcamp That Gives You A Master’s Degree


Tech education startup Galvanize has announced a program that offers practical skills needed to land a job as a data scientist and awards participants an accredited Master of Engineering degree in one year.

The year-long program, which will begin in January 2015, will cost you a whopping $48,000, which sounds crazy until you remember that in this space, there are programs that ask you for $12,000 for one-fifth the time in order to get a certificate that says you can code in JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS.

The 30 students accepted into the program (applications open October 29) will become versed in Python and the math and statistics background knowledge expected of big data analysts in the field today. They’ll be working from Galvanize’s new (humongous) offices in the Soma area of San Francisco, which also happens to serve as a shared work space that startups are already paying to work in as well as the home of a venture wing of Galvanize that will be investing in local talent. The idea is that students won’t only be gaining skills, but also simultaneously engaging with people already involved in the startup community, making connections and seeing what kinds of jobs are out there.

GalvanizeU is able to grant its graduates a degree thanks to a partnership with the University of New Haven, a private school based in Connecticut. In addition to the year-long program, Galvanize will continue to offer its six-month long gSchool tracks at its older campuses in Boulder and Denver in Colorado, offering a more “traditional” code school experience.