Amazon Rewards Visa Card Will Support Apple Pay In The Future

Amazon has confirmed to TechCrunch that its Rewards Visa Card will indeed support Apple Pay, and that the company is working on making this happen. The Rewards Visa Card is powered by Chase, which is already one of the payments companies working with Apple on Apple Pay at launch.

While Amazon has confirmed that it is working to bring Apple Pay to its credit card, there is no specific timeframe for that to happen at this point. Some customers were disappointed to see that their Chase-provided payment cards didn’t support Apple’s new contactless payment system at launch, and in fact it was the only consumer card from the bank that didn’t offer support on day one, leading some to speculate that some kind of competition between the two companies had prevented Apple Pay support from happening.

So far, response to Apple Pay’s launch seems to indicate that things are going mostly smoothly. The system worked well for our own Kyle Russell when he tried it at Walgreens and McDonald’s, and there haven’t been any major reports of errors in the system, save for some double charges for Bank of America customers that are being reversed, and that a fix is being pushed for today, according to CNN.

We may never know the full story behind why the Amazon credit card’s Apple Pay support didn’t launch on day one, but at least customers can reassure themselves that it is on the way.