Levebee Can Be Your Child’s Personal Reading Coach

Levebee’s tagline says it all: “Reading Matters.” Levebee is launching today at TechCrunch Disrupt Europe to improve reading comprehension through games and exercises to help with reading disorders including dyslexia in children.

The founders have extensive experience in this area and built Levebee after launching reading productivity app Legentas for college students and adults. It was through the development of Legentas the team discovered that young kids were the ones that needed the most help reading. Enter Levebee, a personalized reading coach.

Currently, if a child needs help reading, they either go to a specialist or trudge through learn-how-to-read books with a parent. The first solution is expensive and limited. The second is not effective and tiresome. Levebee brings together the specialized tools used by professional reading coaches and the personalized approach used by parents.

When a child and parent (or teacher) first logs in to the system, the child is guided through an assessment test that customizes the app for that person. The learning plan for each user is unique and the administrator can adjust items as the young reader progresses through the program.

The company is partly funded through Vodafone Foundation Czech Republic and partly from the revenue generated by their previous project. Levebee will be available through a monthly subscription after a trial period, and the company will also offer a multi-license and yearly registration fee for professional reading coaches.

Levebee is currently being used by several child development centers in the Czech Republic. The team plans on rolling it out to other markets including the U.K. and U.S. in the coming months and is today launching an Indiegogo campaign to fund its launch.

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