Who To Follow On Twitter, According To Marc Andreessen

Well-known Tweetstormer and investor Marc Andreessen has produced a list of his favorite people to follow on Twitter. He was prompted to do so by an article in The Information called “Silicon Valley’s Frontman Problem” by Jessica Lessin, who questioned if the industry leaders most often quoted by the media (she cited Andreessen, Elon Musk, and Peter Thiel) really “represent the views of the broader Silicon Valley community.”

“The more media coverage Silicon Valley gets, the more important it is that other voices get heard,” Lessin wrote.

(In addition to Lessin’s thought piece, New York magazine also just published an interview with Andreessen, in which he talked about the cultural changes in Silicon Valley since he arrived in 1994 and diversity in the tech industry, among other topics.)

His list “only a highly abridged selection,” Andreessen (@pmarca) tweeted, but a helpful one because his public list of tech industry-related accounts has over 600 members.

Since Andreessen’s prolific use of Twitter means his tweets tend to get buried quickly, TechCrunch has saved his highly abridged list for posterity here.