Here’s How To Watch Apple’s 2014 iPad Announcement Live


Psst. Hey you. You!

Lookin’ for a live stream of this morning’s Apple announcement? Sure, some stuff might’ve leaked out a bit early.. but there might be a few surprises in there anyway, right?

Good news!

First of all, our own Matt Panzarino and Darrell Etherington are braving the fog/traffic/elbows of other tired reporters this morning in Cupertino, bringing back one of our (generally excellent) up-to-the-second live blogs straight from the scene. Go check it out!

But if you’re one of those people who likes to “see things for yourself” or “utilize the technological wonder that is being able to stream near-instantaneous video in relatively high definition” or whatever — you’re still good to go.

Apple is streaming the event this morning live. You can find the streaming page here. Hopefully it goes a bit better than last time. Alternatively, AppleTV users can click into the special “Apple Events” channel that popped up on screen right after midnight this morning.

Apple tends to go back and forth on which browsers they support between events. Chrome usually works well enough — but if all else fails, try Safari. Some folks are reporting that it’s not working on Windows — just OS X, iOS, and AppleTV.

The event is scheduled to start at 10 a.m Pacific.