Orchestrate Brings Its Database Technology To The Enterprise

Portland, Ore.-based database-as-a-service startup Orchestrate provides developers with a single API to work with a wide variety of databases, whether that’s MySQL, Hbase or Elasticsearch. Until now, Orchestrate mostly focused on startups, but it’s starting a major push into the enterprise today with the launch of its Orchestrate Enterprise service.

As enterprise IT departments start moving to the cloud and as businesses start looking into the Internet of Things and Big Data, services like Orchestrate can help developers cut down on their development time. The company argues that it can increase developer productivity tenfold. That may be a bit of an exaggeration, but Orchestrate also notes that it can help businesses save on cost and operational support by consolidating databases into a single service. The company argues that depending on the use case, businesses can save between 50 and 90 percent.

Compared to the company’s standard service, the Enterprise tier will mostly expose the same feature set. The company tells me that the main differentiator lies within the service level and usage, but enterprises will get the ability to deploy on premise or on a private cloud, as well as on dedicated clusters on any cloud.

The most existing use cases, Orchestrate tells me, will likely revolve around the Internet of Things. “IoT is going to depend largely on APIs and the cloud,” a company spokesperson told me. “Orchestrate has a unique proposition for IoT customers by removing the silos between data and their respective databases, allowing customers to do a lot more with their data, and much faster.” In addition, the company is also seeing a lot of interest from e-commerce services and retail.