GoToMeeting Comes To Android Smartwatches Because You Cannot Escape Work

Just in case you were worried about missing that conference call, Citrix just announced GoToMeeting for Android Smartwatches. Why? Productivity, my friends!

The app is now available on Google Play and works with Android Wear watches including the Samsung Gear Live, Moto 360, and LG G Watch

With this GoToMeeting app, the watch is a second (or third) screen, offering only simple playback control. Citrix doesn’t expect users to conduct business from their wrist, but rather use their phone or computer for more important tasks than joining bi-daily sales calls. Your swanky Dick Tracy watch can help you, a loyal company man, join a meeting, mute or un-mute a call, and leave a meeting.

The app is the perfect example of how a smartwatch can fit into a person’s life. With simple playback controls outsourced to the smartwatch, the phone or computer is freed up for more important tasks such as viewing spreadsheets or combating epidemics in Plague Inc.