Bag Week: Hex Onyx Origin Laptop Bag

You might say, “It’s a bag! How much can someone say about a single bag?”

A lot, it turns out, because the Hex Onyx Origin isn’t just any bag. As a staunch backpack fan (not shoulder bags or briefcases), this is the only backpack I’ve ever worn that made me feel like a grownup.

It comes in a black canvas color with leather trim, and has a structured design so it doesn’t flop around on your back. Even with a nicer outfit on (but not a suit, seriously) this bag still manages to look professional and put together despite the fact that it’s the same kind of bag that small children take on the school bus.

But the Onyx Origin isn’t just about style.

The backpack can fit up to a 15″ MacBook Pro with a protective sleeve, as well as pouches for an iPad mini, a notebook, and other professional accoutrement.

The smaller front pocket, with openings on the exterior, can fit a full-size iPad and also comes with an added layer of protection for your nearest and dearest gadgets.

Plus, the whole thing has a water-resistant coating.

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My single complaint has to do with the placement of the straps. I am but a dainty female, and feel like the straps are slightly too wide for my frame. But at the end of the day, that’s a me problem. Super small folks should maybe try this bad boy on before purchasing, but everyone else should be good to go.

There are no special hiking strips for your chest or shoulders, and fitting a laptop and a full set of camera equipment in this bag isn’t likely possible. However, this isn’t the right bag for a hiker or a pro photographer. This is a bag for someone who carries a backpack every day, doesn’t want to let go of that bit of youth, but needs to look a bit more grown up than they do wearing a Jansport.

It’s a bit expensive, at $145.99, but if you rely on a backpack to get through the day and need something small, functional, and stylish, the Hex Onyx Origin is definitely worth a second look.

Check out the Hex Onyx Origin laptop bag right here.