Android Ads Arrive In Time For Rumored Nexus 6 And 9 Reveal

Google may be tipping its hand with new Android advertisement spots, which were spotted and posted to YouTube by Droid Life. The ads feature an eclectic assortment of Andy the Android characters, wearing various costumes and rendered in various sizes. The Android mascot’s variety is also the main message Google is trying to promote with these ads, which tout the slogan “Be together, not the same,” which could summarize Google’s approach to unifying its OS along a more common core with Android L, regardless of what handset or device it appears on.

The ads might be timed to coincide with the upcoming release of Google’s Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 reference devices, both of which have been rumored for a launch this month. The new hardware could appear as early as today, if Google is aiming to get its new products out the door before Apple’s big event on Thursday, but the company could be waiting until after the buzz around that launch dies down a bit.

The ads themselves don’t directly reference any Nexus hardware (though the one at the bus stop does include an Andy character wielding a huge Android-powered device, and the rumors are that Google’s Motorola-built Nexus 6 will have a whopping 5.9-inch display. But they do feature the new look of the Android logo Google introduced at I/O for Android L specifically, and the new Nexus hardware will probably be the first shipping devices to be powered by Android L.