Skylable Secures Investment From Sunstone For Open Source Storage

In the rarified world of ‘private data clouds’ a handful of companies dominate. On the open source side, Red Hat acquired Ceph for $175m and Gluster for $136m. Then there was EMC, which acquired ScaleIO for $200m.

Now a UK company thinks it has come up with a new kind of open source storage technology designed to build private data clouds.

Skylable Sx claims it has had 110,000+ downloads of their beta release in the last few months. It’s also announced undisclosed funding from Sunstone Capital, based out of Copenhagen.

Skylable Sx lets developer and operations teams set up secure and robust private or hybrid storage clouds relatively quickly. It runs on commodity hardware, which therefore brings costs down.

Luca Gibelli, CEO of Skylable says with the rise of new areas like the Internet of Things, cheaper storage is becoming ever more crucial. “When we started Skylable, we tested the existing open-source solutions and they turned out to be poor performers, fragile and complex to set up. In pure open-source spirit, we learned from their mistakes and designed our solutions,” he says.

Skylable was founded in 2002 by veteran open-source developers Tomasz Kom, Luca Gibelli, Edwin Török, and Alberto Wu, the original team behind ClamAV, the world’s most popular open-source anti-virus software.