This Is Withings’ Vision For The Future Of The Home

Slowly but surely, Withings has been building up its product portfolio to provide a truly holistic approach to gadgets and digital services. Recently, the French company brought over its latest products, outfitted a snazzy New York city hotel room, and gave us a sweet little tour of what the perfectly connected Withings home looks like.

The priority, of course, was to take a look at the freshly announced Withings Home monitoring system that not only provides 135-degree wide-angle zoom and night vision video, but it detects people, pets, and even specific noises such as a crying baby. The Withings Home monitor also has a series of environmental sensors for monitoring air quality, temperature, etc.

We then ventured over to the newly announced Activité smart watch that looks and acts almost exactly like a regular analog watch, except its constantly sending back information about your activity and fitness to an accompanying app.

The Activité can hook in with the Withings Heart Rate monitor to give a more comprehensive look of your health on a regular basis.

Withings clearly takes a comprehensive look at fitness, including their iconic connected scale, but sleep is also important to the company.

The Aura sleep tracker uses a light system, a sensor, and a speaker to help users fall asleep, track their sleep, and wake up feeling rested. We got a quick peek at the Aura during our tour, but we’ll be hitting you with more coverage of that in the coming weeks.

For now, sit back, relax, and enjoy a trip through Withings’ vision for the connected home of the future.