Netflix Now Finally Works On Linux


Remember when we mentioned that Netflix streaming would soon finally, finally work on Linux? (That is, it’ll work without requiring a bunch of trickery to convince Netflix you’re running something else.)

Tada! It’s done. There are a few caveats, though…

First, it’s not working on all Linux distros — just Ubuntu for now. If you’re on Debian, or Gentoo, or whatever other flavor of Linux that isn’t Ubuntu, you’ll have to continue dual-booting to get your Orange fix. Update: Looks like it works on Fedora and (the Ubuntu-based) Mint, too!

Second, it… only works in Chrome. Why? Because the whole thing relies on the Network Security Services library, and only the latest build of Chrome for Ubuntu is currently up to snuff on the front. Other browsers will likely follow suit, but it’s Chrome or nothing for now.