Spring Moves Scores $1M Seed To Pair Your Music With Your Pace

When you’re out on a run, on the last leg of an exhausting day, the right song can make all the difference. But figuring out what music you need, and when, isn’t something anybody has the mental capacity for in the middle of an energy-draining workout.

This is where Spring Moves comes into play.

The company has just raised $1 million in funding to pair your pace and cadence with a personalized soundtrack for your workout. When a starts a workout, they simply select an activity (like swimming, running, biking, etc) and then do a 30-second rhythm analysis to get the right tunes to match your workout.

The app analyzes things like beats per minute, mood, and beat intensity through an algorithm, offering an entirely unique playlist for each user and each workout.

The app also has a social element, letting users build “Spring Crews” to share their progress and stats.

Spring Moves offers its own streaming service and curation through a freemium model: it’s free for the five hours of use (about 10 times) and then costs either $4.99/month or $24.99/year).

The music streaming space is incredibly crowded right now, with very few companies reaping big rewards. It’s an expensive industry to play in.

Still, Spring Moves comes at it with an interesting angle and a fresh round of funding. The round comes from a group of individual investors including Fredrik Nylander, Shane Naughton and Sebastian Knutsson, among others.

If you want to learn more about Spring, check out the website here.

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