Join Eben Upton, Father Of The Raspberry Pi, At Disrupt London

The Raspberry Pi has made hardware hacking as easy as, I suppose, pie. This tiny single-board computer launched a thousand projects and has sold 3 million units so far, a true juggernaut in the world of open source hardware. It’s an amazingly usable little tool and one of my favorite gadgets. And now we get to meet one of the founders of the project, Eben Upton, on stage at Disrupt London on Tuesday, October 21 at 2:50pm. I hope you’ll join us.

Upton is currently Technical Director and ASIC architect for Broadcom but is best known as the public face of the Raspberry Pi project and the CEO of the company that maintains the project. He loves makers and making and he loves to teach. He and the Raspberry Pi team created the board to ensure that university students could be versed in more complex operating systems and concepts without spending too much cash and he continues to educate and spread the world about general-purpose computing.

We’ll be talking about the new RaspPi boards, the road ahead for the company, and I’ll ask some rather specific questions about his recent choice of facial hair. In short it’s going to be a fun time with one of the coolest guys in tech.