Azuqua Raises $5M Series A Round For Its IFTTT-Like Cloud Connectivity Platform

Services like IFTTT and Zapier make it easy to connect various web services in novel ways to automate repetitive tasks that would otherwise take a lot of copying and pasting. Seattle-based Azuqua, which is announcing a $5 million Series A round from Ignition Partners today, offers a somewhat similar service, but with a focus on enterprise business processes.

Right now Azuqua allows you to work with about 40 mainstream cloud services like HubSpot and It offers a pretty straightforward visual interface to create these new services, so most users will never have to touch any code. Developers, however, can also use the service to create their own APIs. Pricing for Azuqua starts at $75 a month for a somewhat limited services and a professional account will set you back $250 per month.

Nikhil Hasija, the founder and CEO of Azuqua, tells me that the company’s customers range from medium-sized businesses to larger enterprises. “Some popular use cases are CRM federation, Web to lead, social monitoring for signal enhancement, monitoring competitors and alerting on events of interest,” he said. A sales person, for example, could use the service to set up a flow for completing information in a CRM system by calling out to external data providers.azuqua

The new funding, Hasija tells me, will be used to focus on platform development and to support the company’s marketing efforts to get into more enterprises and specifically to get more marketing automation sales operations and customer support teams onto its platform.

The service previously raised about $1 million from Seattle-based angel investors. The company also previously participated in Microsoft’s Windows Azure accelerator.