This Bluetooth-Enabled Temperature Tracker Will Tell You The Optimal Time For Baby-Making

Husband and wife team Anna Mayer and Daniel Graf were both professionals in their early 30’s when they decided they wanted to start a family. However, that proved a lot more difficult than they thought it would be. So mountains of research, visits to experts and some trial and error later, they decided to apply their experience to technology, and Ovatemp, a fertility tracking app, was born. Mayer credits the methods applied on the app to helping her also produce a healthy baby boy earlier this year.

Ovatemp is now launching ONDO, a digital thermometer to monitor the start of ovulation. The idea is that a woman’s fertility cycle is able to be measured based on her body temperature throughout the month. The thermometer builds on the Ovatemp platform by taking the guess work out of manually checking that basal body temperature.

It works by simply sticking the thermometer under your tongue. It then sends temperature information via Bluetooth to your iPhone and integrates with Apple’s HealthKit.


The Ovatemp app is similar to Glow’s fertility tracker app. Women jot down their cycle, mood, nutrition and other factors. Both also offer a community of support for those trying to conceive. The difference is that Ovatemp is based on methods from traditional Chinese medicine and the FAM method, whereas Glow does not seem to claim a particular method.

“It was the FAM method that finally allowed us to conceive naturally and we’ve built Ovatemp and ONDO from the ground up based on FAM’s principles to make it easier for women to follow, track and conceive naturally with digital tools,” said Mayer.

Ovatemp co-founders say ONDO is actually a uniting technology for both Ovatemp and Glow. Both aim to help prevent or promote pregnancy through natural means and both track basal body tempearature via the app. According to Ovatemp, the ONDO digital thermometer can also integrate with both Glow’s fertility platform for additional information on a woman’s ovulation cycle.

The ONDO is available for purchase on the Ovatemp website, Amazon and Walgreens starting today. The ONDO device goes for $149. The app is free.