HAXLR8R Increases Seed Funding For Its Next Round Of Startups


Hardware accelerator HAXLR8R announced yesterday that it plans to offer companies in its next batch and beyond further options when considering ¬†taking seed funding and joining its program. Starting with it’s upcoming sixth batch, startup founders¬†will have the option to take $25,000 in exchange for 6% of their companies (the previous rate) or $100,000 in exchange for 9%, giving them more capital to work with for testing and production.

In addition to its new funding options, the accelerator is also moving into a bigger office in Shenzen and has hired former IDEO industrial designer Duncan Turner to run its accelerator program.

HAXLR8R accepts startups from around the world into its accelerator program, though 60% of the startups that have or are currently participating have come from the United States. Its next batch, which runs from January through May 2015, is taking applicants until mid-November.