Stream Live Video From A GoPro With Livestream’s Latest iOS App

Believe it or not, GoPro cameras just got a bit more functional thanks to Livestream. The company just added the ability to stream live video using its iOS app. Just think, now, thanks to Livestream, you can stream all of your hot skateboarding skillz live.

It’s easy enough, too. The app is free yet Livestream charges for the most popular services. Using a GoPro’s WiFi network, the camera streams live video to the connected iPhone, which then in turn, broadcasts the video stream to Livestream’s service — just like other Livestream applications. The iPhone needs 4G service for the stream to work.

The Livestream app should work with all GoPro camera’s equipped with WiFi connectivity.

CNET reports that GoPro was not directly involved in the app’s development, but it speaks to GoPro’s growing fan base as more companies latch onto the popular camera.