Narrative’s Clip-On Camera | One Lap

In this week’s episode of One Lap, Martin Källström of Narrative joined me at Thunderhill Raceway.

I met Martin earlier this year while he was visiting San Francisco from Sweden. During our meeting he asked me for suggestions on how to spend a Saturday in the Bay Area. I immediately suggested that he join me at Thunderhill the next day. I neglected to mention that Thunderhill had just opened a brand-new section – extending a 3 mile track into a 5 mile track – which created a wild environment as every driver figured out the new racing lines.

I’m an active investor in hardware companies, and I’ve always been intrigued by how entrepreneurs are coming up with exciting new ways to build unobtrusive devices that change the way we view the world. Martin’s company, Narrative, has created and brought to market a small wearable camera that captures your daily routine with photos taken every 30 seconds all day long. The magic in Narrative is how the hardware and software work together – the device captures images unobtrusively, and then software and backend services identify and highlight the most interesting moments of your day, which are otherwise easily forgotten.

During our interview, Martin covered a lot of ground: their user growth, how he came up with the idea, his thoughts on the privacy implications of a wearable camera, surprises in creating hardware, and what it’s like building a company in Sweden. I hope you enjoy the interview as much as we enjoyed taping it.

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