Evernote Market Has Sold $12M In Products Since Launch

evernote phil libin

Evernote CEO Phil Libin gave us an update on the company’s digital marketplace for productivity hardware and accessories, Evernote Market, at today’s EC4 conference in San Francisco, Calif. He began by noting that the company opened Evernote Market hoping that it would simply break even. Sold more than $12 million in product since launch, vastly beating expectations.

Libin also went on to say that 50% of revenue from the Market comes from buyers making their first purchase. That’s pretty surprising, considering he also gave the stat that Evernote Business users are three times more likely to buy goods from the Market compared to Premium users, and 80 times more likely than the service’s free users.

One aspect of the Market’s growth have been accessories that people who are obsessed with productivity can use during their daily lives, away from their computers. For example, Libin noted that they’ve sold more than half a million Moleskine notebooks since the store’s launch.

Evernote is also working to further integrate Evernote with the products that it sells on its Market. Libin gave the example of theĀ Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner, which lets you quickly scan pieces of paper into a file that works with Evernote. To further improve that functionality, Evernote is releasing a new app called “Scannable,” which will make the document reading function accessible from your phone while also making documents scanned more quickly accessible.