You Can Now Download The Windows 10 Technical Preview

Morning, everyone, have some fun: You can download the Windows 10 technical preview here.

The new code is only a partial look at the coming operating system, something which Microsoft told TechCrunch again, and again yesterday. It does start to field a perspective at what Microsoft has in mind for its new platform, however: An environment where touch and more traditional mouse and keyboard input sit in harmony.

Also, the company is looking for feedback. If you want to go technical preview, you will be their testing source. That’s true for all operating system previews, but in this case, a little more so.

The next preview, aimed at consumers, will land in the first quarter of 2015, likely the earlier end of that date range. For now, the current preview has a number of user interface tweaks that, in conjunction with new features and capabilities, make the Windows 8-themed operating system far more usable with a mouse.

It will be interesting to see how fast the company can release updates to the new code. A variety of feedback options have been discussed, implying that the company has large plans in mind when it comes to harvesting data — how quickly it can harvest that information and weaponize it will be a test.

I’ll have a review up later today. For now: Get testing.