Tesla Will Announce Something Called “The D” On October 9th


Elon Musk has just tweeted about his plans to announce two things next week: one thing called “the D”, and “something else” that is left shrouded in mystery for now.

He did this by saying that it was “time to unveil the D”, later claiming to have no idea that the phrase “unveil the D” would make just about anyone who has spent any time on the Internet ever laugh and look nervously around the room and wonder if it’s okay to say out loud and/or write blog posts about.

This, from a dude who was bummed he couldn’t name his next car the “Model E” so he could have the Model S, Model E, and Model X.

So what is the Tesla D? Tis a mystery, for now — though we are, of course, digging for more details. The teaser image shows a tiny glimpse of a front end with Tesla’s signature headlights. Did they decide to rename the Model 3? Probably not — Tesla seems pretty set on that name. Is this something else entirely? A smaller SUV than their Model X, perhaps?

Stay tuned.