Berlin-Based Adtech Startup Remerge Raises $1M For Its Mobile App Marketing Platform

Berlin is starting to get a reputation for adtech startups, particularly those that play in the mobile app space. Some of this can be attributed to ‘startup factory’ HitFox Group, which is focusing on adtech and related ‘big data’ and has hatched or acquired companies such as AppLift, ad2games, Datamonk and apploop. More recently, app analytics platform Adjust closed a $7.6 million Series C round, while we shouldn’t forget that mobile ad company Madvertise is also headquartered in Berlin.

Today, Remerge, another Berlin-based adtech startup, sees its official launch, off the back of a $1 million seed round led by Point Nine Capital. The startup, whose five founders include CEO Pan Katsukis (previously a co-founder of Madvertise), offers what it calls an “audience segmentation and retargeting platform” for mobile app advertisers to let them drill down into discrete segments of their user base and market to them accordingly.

Specifically, Remerge helps app developers analyse their app’s user base for marketing campaigns, including segmenting them into groups and then retargeting those groups of users in the same or other apps. So, for example, inactive male users of a games app who have reached Level 2 can be retargeted with the goal to reach Level 10 or make a purchase. Or, more generally, all users who have performed an in-app purchase can be defined as a segment and then encouraged to purchase a new app.

In terms of how Remerge fares against this competition — which includes neighbouring Sociomantic (owned by Tesco’s Dunnhumby), Tapcommerce, Trademob, Criteo, and Applovin — Katsukis cites the fact that Remerge doesn’t require an SDK. Instead it uses real-time data streams from attribution providers like Adjust or Tune or directly from an advertiser’s CRM system. Another advantage, he says, is that Remerge can dynamically update audience segments. “If new users fit into a scenario, they are retargeted with the specific campaign settings. [There’s] no need to manually update the user lists.”