Online Survey And Form Builder Typeform Raises €1.2M

Typeform, the Spanish startup that takes the heavy-lifting out of creating user-friendly surveys and other types of online forms, including payments, has raised a €1.2 million further round of funding, led by London­-based VC Connect Ventures. Existing backers Point Nine Capital, and RTA ventures, also participated, along with Mariusz Gralewski, CEO and founder of DocPlanner. The fresh capital adds to the €550,000 previously raised by the Barcelona-based startup.

Founded by Robert Munoz and David Okuniev, and exiting Beta in February this year, Typeform’s service aims to make it easy to create device agnostic web forms. The emphasis is not only on making sure they look great and have a good User Experience, therefore increasing engagement, but, with the help of modern web standards, work across a range of devices, not least touchscreen phones and tablets.

The result are forms that look beautiful and focus the user by presenting one question or form element at a time — going someway to dulling the pain of data entry (and form creation, itself), as well as helping to increase completion rates.

Typeform says an average of 55 per cent of respondents actually complete a Typeform and 40 per cent of respondents are doing it using a mobile device, something it claims is unrivalled in the industry. And whilst I can’t verify those claims, anecdotally and from personal experience, forms created by the startup’s service do feel light years ahead of the Dot Com, late 90s-style forms that still seem to plague much of the web.

On that note, another startup helping to fix this problem is Formisimo, which is tackling it from the analytics end. Its form analytics service enables site owners to improve the performance of forms by helping to identify where users are going wrong.

Typeform also tells TechCrunch it totalled 100,000 users as of August 2014 and, to date, users have created more than 160,000 Typeforms, which received more than 13 million unique visits and collected 7 million responses. It also boasts customers such as Uber, Facebook, Adobe, Airbnb, WeTransfer, BBC, New York Times, and the Financial Times.

“Our strongest selling points are high completion rates, design flexibility, cross-device responsiveness, unlimited free plan and great paid features,” Typeform’s Pedro Magriço tells me.

The latter refers to features such as Logic Jump, which lets you set logic rules that trigger different questions based on a respondent’s answer, and the recently launched Calculator, which together with Stripe integration lets users build cross-device shopping carts.

“We want Typeform to be the solution for all your data and payment collection needs and we’re after entrepreneurs with no coding skills wanting to sell anything online,” he adds.

In addition, the startup plans to release an open API so that developers can programatically build forms.