Expa Brings On Hooman Radfar, AddThis Founder, As San Francisco EIR

Expa, a startup studio with $50 million in funding and led by Garrett Camp, is today welcoming a new member to the team. Hooman Radfar, founder and Chairman of AddThis, is coming on board the team to bring his expertise in big data and web services to the mix.

Expa is a powerhouse of talent, with Uber cofounder Garrett Camp at the helm and Naveen Selvadurai, foursquare co-founder, also working on his own project.

Radfar rounds out the team with more experience around big data visualization, and will reportedly be working on his own project as well.

The idea at Expa is that each of these entrepreneurs can work on their passion projects with the help and collaboration of other experts in their field.

“I love data-driven networks and platforms,” said Radfar. “There are lots of opportunities to take offline networks online and to improve existing ways we exchange information online. Expa already has some projects in this strike zone that I will be helping on, but I have some things coming soon as well.”

Radfar represents the first EIR for Expa out of San Francisco.

We have yet to see a product out of Expa, but Selvadurai has been there for a few months now, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see some rumbling out of that camp soon.