Now You Can Quickly Share The Best Parts Of Your GoPro Videos With BrightSky Labs’ App ’10’

A few months ago, we told you about BrightSky Labs, a startup that hoped to unlock videos recorded on GoPro cameras and other wearable devices and make them easy to edit and share. Today, the company is releasing the first version of its video-sharing app 10, which is designed to do just that.

The 10 app was created to reduce the friction GoPro users currently have when finding and editing videos to share. Currently, anyone who attaches a GoPro to their snowboard, surfboard or any other device usually ends up waiting until they get home and upload videos to their computers before being able to access them. Then they have to go through the trouble of sorting through all the content they recorded for just the choice bits and cut them down before uploading them to YouTube or other networks.

BrightSky Labs hopes to simplify that process, which they believe will make for a lot more shareable and shared GoPro content making its way online. The 10 app makes it simple for extreme sports enthusiasts to finish recording, check out the videos they’ve recorded, and get right back to the slopes or the surf, or whatever it is they’re being extreme on.

The app connects directly to a user’s GoPro camera via Wi-Fi, enabling it to capture video as it’s being recorded, or to access pre-recorded videos that are already saved on those devices. The magic of 10 comes from an algorithm that quickly helps users discover the most interesting snippets from their recordings, and to quickly cut them into shareable bits.

The app’s editing bay has a two-axis slider that makes it easy for users to scroll to a shareable section of video by sliding the cursor left or right, and also to change the length of the bit they want to share by sliding up or down. It also is able to recognize where a video is shot and suggest filters that users might want to overlay on the video.

Users can also add music or narration to their videos, either from their phone’s microphone or from a selection of licensed tracks that are available in the 10 app. Once that’s all done, it’s time for users to share their videos to networks like YouTube, Facebook, Vine, and WhatsApp.

According to co-founder Ian McCarthy, BrightSky Labs picked the name “10” for the app because the team wanted its brand “to be about the enjoyment from using the tech, not focused on the tech itself.” After testing with users, the company found the name resonated with users and how they felt about their adventures. “We heard pretty unanimously that it means for them “the best,” McCarthy wrote in an email.