Air Food One Delivers Airline Food Right To Your Door

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Have we reached peak delivery service? Just in case you had a craving for airline food for some reason, there’s now a company in Germany that will bring it to you. Air Food One is a subscription food delivery service that has teamed up with grocery company and LGS Sky Chefs to bring leftover airline food right to the door of anyone living in Germany – the service is only available there for now.

LSG Chefs provides meals for many international air carriers, including German airline Lufthansa. Food is delivered once a week (every Wednesday night, to be exact). LSG Chefs says it’s a good second market for food that would normally just be thrown out. The cost is 9-10 Euros or about $12 U.S. dollars. Those who’ve signed up for delivery can choose classic or vegetarian options, just like on a real airline.