Notion Ink Quietly Releases The Cain Windows Tablet

I place this here not as a recommendation to buy but as a reminder of the great Notion Ink Wars of 2011. At the time, Notion Ink was offering an Android tablet that everyone thought was the second coming and, when the dust settled, it was a fat load of nothing.

And now they’re back.

The company is setting its sights a little lower. Its next product is the Notion Ink Cain (irony not included). It’s a 10-inch, Atom-powered Windows 8 tablet with 32GB of storage. In short, it’s a stock, low-end Windows 8 tablet for $325. This looks more like a trademark sale than anything else, as the Notion Ink name was once considered a major force on the Internet, especially by a very vocal group of fans.

If you’ve followed Notion Ink at all, I suspect you’ll understand the gravity of this product, at least in certain circles. It is a reminder of another era when tablets were tablets, men were men, women were women, and Internet commenters were insufferable.

via Engadget