Hours For iOS 8 Lets You Track Your Time With A Widget

Hours iPhone widget

Those who have to keep track of how they spend their time working during the day can’t do much better on iOS than Hours, Apple Design Award winner Tapity‘s latest app. We recommended the app when it launched back in July, and now the Tapity team has released an update for iOS 8 that helps you keep on top of your tasks with even less hassle.

For those just hearing about it, Tapity’s (temporarily) $4.99 app lets you make timers for each task, project or activity that you’d like to track. Once you’ve started one, it starts a TV guide-like timeline for the current hour. Switch tasks, and the color of the bar changes to that of the new task, making it really easy to go back and remember what you were working on at any given time of any day. You can even tell the app when you should start doing work each day, and it will send you a notification reminding you to start a timer.

That line of functionality gets even better with today’s release, as iOS 8 gave Tapity the ability to put your timers directly in the iOS Notification Center under the Today tab. That means you don’t even have to open the app to keep track of your work — just swipe down and tap to begin:

Hours iPhone Widget