500 Startups Launches Its First Two 500 Women Syndicate Companies

500 Startups has launched FameBit and Wanderable, the first two companies out of its female founders 500 Women Syndicate. 500 Startups created the program earlier this year to support more women founders and encourage angel investors to invest in women-led companies.

The first 500 Women company, FameBit, is a platform to find, hire and work with YouTube Influencers. It has achieved a $5 million run rate in just under seven months, according to the company. It has also produced over 1,000 videos since July and now works with top brands, such as L’Oreal, JustFab, ShoeDazzle, eSalon, and Dollar Shave Club to sponsor YouTube content creators.

“I attribute a great deal of FameBit’s quick success to 500,” says FameBit co-founder Agnes Kozera. “This type of support is necessary for driving innovation and inspiring women to build awesome companies.”

The second company, Wanderable, helps couples create and fund their honeymoon registries both online and through a mobile app. Wanderable says it has helped 21,000 couples create their dream registries so far. The company is now focused on building strategic partnerships and creating premium experiences, such as private yacht cruises with a personal chef or viewings of the Crown Jewels in London. The founders say Wanderables is on a $14 million run rate of orders processed so far.