Seatylock Turns Your Seaty Into A Locky

Do you value your bikey? Seatylock wantsy to helpy. This Brooklyn-based Kickstarter aims to help cyclists solve two perennial problems: the lack of solid, heavy-duty bike locks that are also portable and the tendency of snarfers to sniff and even steal bicycle seats.

The lock itself folds into the specially designed seat and falls out when you take the seat off. You can then wrap the metal bars (and seat) around a nearby pole and bop off to the secret Karen O concert in a broken down Williamsburg row house.

The chain is three feet long and made of steel. The creators, Oren Livne and manufacturer Michael Shenkerman, suggest that the steel bars will survive all sorts of rough treatment.

They’re pricing the product starting at $75 and it comes in two styles, comfort and trekking, with different seat widths. They’ll also come in different colors, allowing you to truly customize your ride.

The team is looking for $40,000 and they’ve just started, so you can expecty themy to makey it to their goaly.