Microsoft Confirms Its Windows Event Will Take Place On September 30th

Microsoft today confirmed its correctly rumored Windows event that will take place on September 30 in San Francisco.

The event is widely expected to include a release of the technical preview of Windows 9, the successor to the controversial Windows 8.x operating system that was released in 2012, along with the Surface line of tablets.

Microsoft is not expected to release a preview of its updated version of Windows RT, which may include Windows Phone components, until early 2015, though that information is less concrete than the Windows 9 news itself.

Windows 9 has sprung a dozen leaks, with videos showing off its new Start Menu functionality, along with a number of business-facing features like virtual desktops. Given that the first released build should be a technical preview, expect it to be more focused on developers and enterprise customers, than consumers.

Given that, we likely won’t be shown, or be able to use, some of what Microsoft is building for the common man.

The event is two weeks out, meaning that it is go time. Let’s see if Redmond can right the Windows ship.