Apple Just Uploaded A U2 Album To Your iPhone And iPad — And Seriously, WTF

Seriously. Go look. Depending on your iCloud setting, U2’s latest album might be sitting in the Music app, ready to play. Otherwise, the album is most likely still shown, available to download from iCloud from your iPhone, iPad, or iTunes app. Worse yet, it’s rather difficult to rid your phone and iTunes account of the album.

Yesterday at the iPhone 6 launch event, Bono and Tim Cook jointly unleashed this scourge on the iTunes world by daintily touching the tips of their fingers. Seriously, it was awkward. Cook called the album release the largest in history — something that’s easily obtainable when you push it to millions and millions of devices.

Now, Songs of Innocence is everywhere, seemingly on nearly every iPhone and iPod and iTunes account. I, for one, do not want this on my iPhone, but there is little that can be done.

Sadly you cannot totally purge the songs from your iTunes account. You can only hide the songs from the local iTunes account, but they will continue to live for all of eternity on your iCloud. Thanks, Apple.