Tempo’s Smart Calendar Launches Further Into Europe With Local Languages

The calendar app market has been getting crowded with apps like Cue, Sunrise, Timeful, Accompli, Lowdown and others vying for attention. One that I’ve been using has been Tempo, mainly for its fully-integrated approach, such as Uber integration and automated call dialling.

The maker, Tempo AI, is now doing a push into Europe with localised language support in Spanish, French, Italian, German and Portuguese.

European users can download the ‘Tempo Smart Calendar’ for free here.

Tempo_Event Summary_GermanTempo raised a $10 million Series A in June last year, led by Relay Ventures and Sierra Ventures.

CEO Raj Singh has a vision of turning the smart calendar into a platform for a powerful personal assistant app. Which is why it’s noteworthy that Tempo came out of SRI, which was also the birthplace of the voice-powered personal assistant Siri.

Tempo can find phone numbers inside calendar appointments, a flight status or last email about the meeting, and surface it in a simple manner.

In addition to all App Store European countries, Tempo is also available in the U.S., Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa and the United Kingdom.