Path Will Build An Apple Watch App, But Dave Morin Won’t Talk About Those Acquisition Rumors

Mobile social networking app Path was founded four years ago to help users connect and communicate with the people closest to them. But the startup is looking to branch into launching new apps and experiences, including building something for Apple’s upcoming wearable device.

At Disrupt SF today, Morin admitted that he was at the annual Apple September launch event yesterday, and got a first look at the new products coming soon. One device he’s particularly excited about is the Apple Watch, which the company hopes to make available “early next year.”

Morin noted that telling time is one of the oldest technologies out there, but Apple has found a way to create a new experience around it. He praised the consumer electronics company for “nailing the user experience” and for the software and operating system that Apple has built into the device.

And he’s looking forward to creating an app for it. Morin noted that based on what he saw, the company has done a good job of making it easy for developers to build experiences for the device.

It’s not clear what kind of app that will be, but Path is taking a multi-app approach to development these days, thanks the launch of a dedicated messaging app not long ago to complement its core social networking experience. The company will continue to introduce new apps and updating its existing portfolio as it seeks to design new experiences based on a common back end infrastructure.

One of the core tenets of this approach is that people are looking for more apps that can be launched and do a single thing well, rather than one app which has many features but it takes multiple taps to get to each one. That was the case with messaging, which it broke out from its core app as a standalone product earlier this year.

“We think of it as apps are the new features,” Morin said. “In mobile, people really love having single-use case experiences. They want low friction to getting to the application’s use case.”

While Morin was keen to sing the praises of Apple, he declined to talk about rumors that the consumer electronics company would acquire his startup. “We don’t comment on rumors or speculation,” Morin answered when asked about the report.