CrunchBase Grows Its Global Reach, Adding Incubators, VC Partners And A New Leaderboard Feature

Everyone knows CrunchBase as the leading site for all the information that investors and the startup community may need. But now the site that’s given you so much for so little is adding even more features and announcing the results of months of labor.

The CrunchBase team reached out to thousands of venture capital firms to ensure that users would have access to the most accurate business graph for the startup community and the investors who finance it.

“There needs to be one universal database of entrepreneurial activity and startups that is accessible to everyone,” says Matt Kaufman, President of CrunchBase.

Revealing the fruit of that labor, the CrunchBase Venture Program now includes over 1,000 venture firms, incubators, and accelerators. That’s 60% of the active investment firms in the U.S., but more than just venture investors, the data includes information on corporate investors and the incubators hatching the next wave of early stage prospects — firms like Verizon Ventures and Telstra Ventures along with leading incubators such as DreamIT Ventures and Innovation Works.

In all, those firms have invested in 14,000 companies through 21,000 funding rounds totaling $170 billion in investment.

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 12.47.41 PM

CrunchBase Leaderboard

As the startup bug catches on globally, CrunchBase is on the scene. Already, over 30% of the venture program members are outside the United States and the CrunchBase team is intent on growing that global coverage.

With that flood of new information and new contributors comes new features and functionality from CrunchBase, like the site’s new leader board feature.

It’s a feature that obviates the need for the quarterly ritual where services that analyze data on private investments scramble to load up all of their data, key it into their systems, and write reports comparing investors’ performance.

Instead of having a monthly report, investors and entrepreneurs (and journalists) can get a daily update in near-real-time of whose portfolio is performing the best, and who’s investing the most.

The CrunchBase Investor Leaderboard, ranks top investors by funding stage, geography, and time frame.