Canviz Lets You Put Animated GIFs On Your Wall

Boring old pictures are, without a doubt, boring. That’s why there’s Canviz. Designed by artists to allow them to share animated photographs and graphics, Canviz is a “museum grade” screen for your wall.

Writes the creator, MM Waters:

This project began with an idea my wife had. She wanted to create living portraits of ourselves, places we go, things we do, friends, family, pets and hang them on our walls. The living portraits would be like something from the Harry Potter universe, seemingly still photographs with subtle movement that would bring them to life. I make digital art for a living, so making the portraits was something I was able to figure out – but the frames were a problem. We couldn’t find a digital frame that would be good for displaying art, and especially not looping, animated, art. So, I started work on making a frame ourselves. Since that time a year and a half ago more people have gotten involved, and we realized that we would like to share the hardware and content with others. Art is more and more commonly a digital process and it’s about time we had a proper digital canvas. Canviz was designed and built with that goal.

The canvas connects to your phone and allows you to upload almost any animated photo (or regular photo). Images are stored right on the device and they play back at 1080 x 1920 on a 22 by 14 inch LCD. The team is making the fancy frames by hand and there is onboard storage.

One frame costs $249 on Kickstarter and they’re looking for $50,000 to find the project. It looks like a cool little tool and might be fun for those who wish to recreate Harry-Potter-esque talking pictures on their way back to their small, lonely dorm rooms that they’ve decked out in the colors of Gryffindor.