Up Close And Personal With The iPhone 6 And 6 Plus On Video

Apple’s new iPhones are now a known quantity, but perhaps you haven’t yet had a chance to get a more intimate look at them. We had an opportunity to try them out in person, and to run through all of the new hardware features and software functions they offer. Both the iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus offer unique advantages and disadvantages with respect to one another, but ultimately, they’re cut from the same cloth and should serve the needs of most mobile users well based on initial impressions.

Some of the more interesting bits here are being able to navigate iPhone 6 Plus in landscape on the home screen, and getting a whole bunch of additional features in some built-in apps when the phone is on its side. The one-handed mode is also something that makes a lot more sense when viewed in action.

We’ll have a closer look once the phone is actually available, but for now, this provides a pretty concise overview of the major reasons this device could be driving a lot of consumers to new purchases this holiday.