Apple Just Won CES 2015

Welp. There goes the next CES. With the Apple watch shipping “in early 2015,” Apple just sucked all the air out of the Las Vegas Convention Center, home of the Consumer Electronics Show.

This is the trade show were all of the world’s largest consumer electronic companies display their latest wares. Yet every year, Apple manages to cast a looming shadow over the show with impeding announcements. This time around, it’s the shipment date of the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch was just announced and it seems spectacular, worlds better than other solutions. No doubt there are countless other consumer companies gearing up to announce their Android Wear devices. And now, instead of simply competing with the round-faced Moto 360, they have to announce this device in the face of the Apple Watch.

On the other side, the delayed shipping of the Apple Watch does give consumer electronics companies time to rethink their wearable strategies. Perhaps they feel good enough to push forward, deciding instead to dip under the Apple Watch’s $349 starting price point. The Apple Watch will no doubt bring an untold amount of consumer awareness to the entire category, which is set to explode in the coming years. Sometimes, and perhaps this is the case with smartwatches, you don’t have to be first to win, even though Apple just won CES 2015.

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